.Aboriginal Conferences, Inc was conceived when a group of retired aboriginal women were discussing how they were spending time. Being retired allowed them to do many of the things they wanted to do, but never had time while working for a living. One of the ladies said “I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing the gardening and all the traveling I want; however, fate seems to have forced me toward working on my own personal healing.” Her friends wanted to know more about what sort of work she had been doing for this healing.

It all started, she said, when after several years of being off work she missed people from the office. She also still wanted to earn money. She had an excellent resume, many references, and friends helping her look for a job. But no matter how she tried she could not get called for an interview; some strange reasons would come up and she would not get called or screen in. In addition to this situation she was not feeling well and was chronically fatigued every day. Often she lay in bed till 9:00 a.m.; highly unusual for her, coming from a family of hard workers. She was very concerned about her situation. She didn’t know what else to do but stay in bed till she felt well. She didn’t feel comfortable asking a doctor what was wrong with her. She wasn’t sure he could guess, even with an educated guess, at what was causing her pain. She believed in the body’s natural healing powers and thought about the generations before her who had survived without pills. She felt pills were often prescribed to cover up symptoms and she didn’t want to do that. She wanted to find out the cause of her pain.

Thinking the source of her fatigue might be more than just physical, she started reading self-help books. Now that she had time to look at her issues they seemed to correspond with her mental and emotional health. The issues included alcoholism and violence in her birth family and some painful and lonely experiences in residential school.

She had no idea she was carrying so much trauma and emotional baggage until she started doing her healing work. Years before this situation she had been guided to a prayer which she started using consistently. It was “I ask the Creator to give me the highest information, for my highest good, at this point in time.” It was as if the Higher Powers were guiding her on her path to seek help. Some of her personal healing came from some of the people presenting at this conference. Well…..its been five years and as she said to her friends, “I bet I know every major healer in this city of Vancouver. Too bad people in the communities don’t know about these healers.”

Thus the idea of organizing a health and wellness conference was born. She decided to organize one and again fate stepped in.

All her chosen speakers agreed to come to the conference without a second thought. In addition, many large arrangements fell into place. With very little time, six weeks to be exact she and her friends put together the “Healing Options to Increase Wellness” conference. They got much needed help from a web developer, Rick Falck and a graphic designer, Stuart Matthews.

Aboriginal Conferences, Inc is owned by Lulla Sierra Johns, Sarah Penikett and Stephanie Penikett. Her retired friends are also part of this group but help out by working, meeting and coming up with suggestions. We plan on putting more health and wellness workshops in 2010 and we look forward to seeing you at this current event. Special thanks goes to Sandra Isaac, MicMaq, Frances Carlick, Kaska and Barb Wyss, Squamish Nation for all their advice, support and friendship.

We strive to provide the most reliable information of the highest quality available. The world has a fair amount of misinformation, some deliberate, some just misguided and this site is an attempt to bring a little clarity to some important issues.

We sincerely believe the information on this site can have a positive impact on individual lives and help to make our world a better place to live. Come back often to find information about First Nations Health and Healing issues and events.

PS. There is a spot on the site for jokes and you know native people love to laugh and joke. If you hear a good one, put it on the blog and be sure to take one to share with your friends.

All my relations,

Lulla Sierra Johns, Chief Organizer

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Disclaimer: The statements made on our website are to inform and educate you on the many different methods of healing Body, Mind and Soul. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Please contact your doctor if you are not certain about any condition that persists.